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Last Thursday we met up with Jon from the Woodland Trust again to discuss and resolve some issues with the top section of the track. For more info on the meting Click here

Hi All... my Wentwood mojo has returned.


Hi All... my Wentwood mojo has returned.

Postby RedThunder on Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:38 am

Not been around for while. I've been over to Wentwood a few times year and getting more frequent.
Thought I'd better check the site out... but it seems a bit quiet here ?

Anyway the desire has returned for Wentwood and surrounds. All my old trails and presenting themselves again :-). MX'ers seem less frequent especially with the Woodland Trusts input.

The Dragon is looking nice [top bit anyway to the first MTB warning signs] we didn't do the whole thing yesterday.


The approach trail in from the mast is nice and seems to followed the old route and carries on past the spur to the dragon approach. Glad that has been adopted... we call it the "Michelle Pfeiffer" become of the curves [showing my age now].


Red dots on the trees look ominous :-( though....more thinning on the cards :-(

Sorting out some pic and wil post a few soon.
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Re: Hi All... my Wentwood mojo has returned.

Postby Tom on Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:13 am

Sorry its a bit quiet around here, good to see your back in wentwood again. imo MXers have got a lot worse recently although not as bad as a few years back. WT dont actually have a full time representative for wentwood atm so the MXers are running wild :)
Yeh i usually take the top route in now, looks as though someone has done up the singletrack at the top a bit which is a nice blast now.
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