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Last Thursday we met up with Jon from the Woodland Trust again to discuss and resolve some issues with the top section of the track. For more info on the meting Click here

getting from the bottem to the top


getting from the bottem to the top

Postby valleyboy6699 on Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:31 pm

does anyone no is there any way of driveing a car to pick up at the bottom if not which is the quickest way back up thanks
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Re: getting from the bottem to the top

Postby Tom on Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:10 pm

There is ways but please don't try them!
Quickest way and easiest way are different things. By far quickest way is to take the fireroad form the very bottom upto the first fireroad you meet (where you dropped off to do bottom section)
As you meet this fireroad, in front of you and left a bit is a rocky track which will take you out by the road gap then you can push up the track.
Alternatively you can push all the way up the fireroad until you meet the tarmac road and then its a short push although fairly steep up the tarmac hill which will come out where you parked.
There is also the way which the push up for the race took although this is pretty hard to describe, although it is simple if you walk it.

The first option is the quickest and the push up route used in the race is fairly easy but longer.
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